**This is Not a confirmation of your reservation**

(Please Read)

Thank you for submitting a reservation for your party.

We will be calling you shortly (usually within 30 minute) to confirm your reservation.

This will allow us to gather a little more information about your visit,

and finally confirm your reservation.

To better serve you and your guest, when we call 

we will ask about your reservation, things such as: 

  • Is this a particular event?

  • What kind of event?

  • Would you like us to provide any particular dessert, cake, special bottle of wine etc....?

  • Are there any guests with allergies?


Only after we have called you back, will we than confirm your reservation.

In the event you don't hear from us within the next 30 minutes, please call us at 

804-299-3454 and we will be glad to assist you.